How long does picoprep take to work



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Has anybody heard about PicoPrep?

I have a surgery scheduled, and my doctor advised me to take PicoPrep. Now, this is my first, and I am not sure if I have heard about it. What is it and how long would it take to start showing its effects?


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Simply put, PicoPrep is a laxative that is used for removing contents of the bowel and cleanse it before a surgery or a doctor’s examination. Cleansing the bowel helps your doctor to get clear visuals inside your abdomen. PicoPrep is also used for abdominal x-ray exams, intravenous pyelogram, and even bowel evacuations.

PicoPrep works by acting in the colon and the intestine which causes bowel motion or watery stool which helps in removing bowel contents. This might be a little uncomfortable but a necessity for the procedure that you are going to undergo.

How long it would take to act and for how long would it last is variable and depends on your body and what you take. Some might have a bowel movement almost immediately while others would have to wait for hours. However, what is important is that one has to drink the entire perp solution for it to be very effective. You know you are ready for the surgery when the stool becomes yellow, clear, light and liquid.

If you do not have a bowel movement in three hours after the prep, then it would be good if you call the doctor. You might just need one more bout of laxative.


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Well, it would take around 5 to 10 minute before you feel the first urge to go and it might result in you in staying in the restroom for nearly 20 to 30 minutes. You can also get repeated urges to go to the bathroom for the next 30 minutes to maybe two to three hours.


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I had it in just five minutes. To be frank, I hated the solution, and I do not know how to describe its taste, but it sure worked. I also did not have any cramping that one usually gets after going to the bathroom so many times. The taste and everything would not matter once you have taken the solution. I was pretty much empty after nearly two hours. I have to add that it was the best prep that I have had.

I had a pretty smooth procedure after the prep, and I am happy that it's over... yay!


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PicoPrep, as mentioned by @helper, is a very powerful laxative that works very effectively. I have taken it three times, and each time it has shown tremendous results. Since you are taking it for the first time, I would like to give you some tips:

  • Dissolve the contents in one glass (250mls) of warm water. You can chill it if you wish
  • You can also mix it with other clear salty fluids, clear fruit juice, clear broth, sports drinks, plain jelly, clear fruit cordials (clear lime/lemon, no purple/red coloring), black coffee or tea (absolutely no milk), Gastrolyte, (clear lemon/lime).
  • Can also suck barley sugar if required

I hope you do not have diabetes. If you have, then discuss the dosage with your doctor before commencing

Follow these tips unless you are given some other specific instructions.


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PicoPrep should work within 10 minutes, and it might last for maybe two to three hours. Drink it with chilled water for better results.


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Since you are taking it for the first time, I would suggest you eat poached or boiled eggs, boiled chicken, white bread, steamed white fish, cottage cheese, low-fat plain yogurt, well-cooked, and peeled potatoes and pumpkin before you take this solution. You can also have skim milk, clear jelly, and drink lots of Approved Clear Fluids (see the packet information for details). Keep in mind that you should not take any milk products or solid foods on the day of the exam. Drink Approved Clear Fluids the whole day (breakfast, lunch as well as dinner).


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If you want quick results, then you should drink it pretty quickly, maybe within 10-15 minutes. It would suck, but I assure you that it would work quicker. Drink two 16 oz bottle within an hour or so. I was not up all night, so I do not think that you also might be up. If you think that you might throw up, get a script for Ondansetron. It would help with the nauseous feeling. You would also have some cramps and pain, but it will go away.

One tip: if you feel that something is not right, get in touch with your doctor and see if you can take it after getting back to normal. Maybe the doctor would reschedule your surgery.


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I am sure that this might be very late for you, but would still like to give my two cents here.

How quickly would the solution work depends on how you take it and what all preparations you do before taking it. I was on clear broth for the whole day before I took PicoPrep. I took the lemon-lime flavor (made no difference to taste), mixed it with 10 oz of chilled water and gulped it down. I immediately followed it with two 16 oz bottles of water. I had to wait for only 15 minutes before I had the first urge and after three hours, was having clear watery stools. I would also add that I was feeling the need to put popsicles at places where you usually do not put popsicles.

The best thing about PicoPrep is that the stuff works quickly and there is not much to do in terms of preparations before taking the solution. The only thing that one needs to keep in mind is that ensure that you are near a bathroom once you take the PicoPrep because I can assure you that you would not be in a place to walk to the bathroom. You would have to rush to the bathroom and to stay close to the bathroom would help immensely. Or else, be prepared for accidents and mess which I am sure you would hate to clean up.

Take care.