Pain Med Friendly Low Cost Crenshaw Community Hospital (Luverne, AL) Complication Rates & Reviews

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Dedicated resource for Crenshaw Community Hospital located in 101 HOSPITAL CIRCLE - Luverne, AL. Containing reports of complications, death rates etc. Reviews and real experiences of patients and their loved ones are invited. The treatment and medical care statistics listed below are updated and synced twice a year as per the 'Medicare Database' via an API.
Provider ID
ZIP Code
Phone Number
Hospital Type
Acute Care Hospitals
Hospital Ownership
Emergency Department Volume
Avg time patients spent in emergency dept before seen by a Medical Professional
18 minutes
Patients who left the emergency department before being seen (%)
Median Time to ECG for heart attack/chest pain in Emergency dept
4 minutes
Median time to Pain Med in Emergency Dept
36 minutes
Avg time patients spent in Emergency dept before inpatient admission
198 minutes
Overall Hospital Rating
Not Available
Doctor Communication Star Rating
Not Available
Nurse Communication Star Rating
Not Available
Patients who reported that they ALWAYS received help as soon as they wanted (%)
Patients who were unhappy with treatment
Avg Death Rate For Heart Attack Patients (%)
Not Available
Death Rate For Heart Attack Patients National Comparison
Not Available
Avg Death Rate For Heart Failure Patients (%)
Death Rate For Heart Failure Patients Comparison
No different than the National Rate
Avg Death Rate For CABG Surgery Patients (%)
Not Available
Death Rate For CABG Surgery Patients Comparison
Not Available
Avg Death Rate For Stroke Patients (%)
Not Available
Death Rate For Stroke Patients Comparison
Not Available
Avg Death Rate For COPD Patients (%)
Death Rate For COPD Patients National Comparison
No Different than the National Rate
Avg Death Rate For Pneumonia Patients (%)
Death Rate For Pneumonia Patients Comparison
No Different than the National Rate
Avg Complication Rate For Hip/Knee Replacement Patients (%)
Not Available
Complication Rate for Hip/Knee Replacement National Comparison
Not Available
Bedsores or Pressure Ulcers Per 1000 Persons
Bedsores or Pressure Ulcers Rate National Comparison
No Different than the National Rate
Collapsed Lung Due To Medical Treatment Per 1000 Persons
Collapsed Lung Due To Medical Treatment National Comparison
No Different than the National Rate
Heart Failure 30-Day Readmission Rate National Comparison
No Different than the National Rate
Rate of Readmission For Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Comparison
No Different than the National Rate
Pneumonia 30-Day Readmission Rate National Comparison
No Different than the National Rate
Overall Unplanned Readmission Rate
No Different than the National Rate
Average Cost For Heart Attack Patients Comparison
Number of Cases Too Small
Average Cost For Heart Failure Patients Comparison
Significantly less than the National Average
Average Cost For Hip/Knee Replacement Comparison
Not Available
Average Cost For Pneumonia Patients Comparison
Significantly lesser than the National Average


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I had gone to Crenshaw Hospital for treating a laceration wound. An absolute nutcase doctor was on call. I only caught his last name, Dr. Walker. This guy was pathetic. He was not ready to treat the wound and kept on asking some ridiculous questions and was constantly muttering. I finally had enough of it and just asked him to clean the wound and told I would seek care elsewhere. This was around three months back. Since then, I have not stepped into Crenshaw because I fear I would again be under the care of that nutcase.

One advice to the Crenshaw management, please recruit staff who have love and compassion for their patients because one rotten apple can destroy the whole thing.


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I had gone to Crenshaw Community Hospital for a pre-employment physical. I was in for a pleasant surprise. The staff was very friendly and immediately put me at ease, and the whole process was over in a jiffy.

During the physical, I was told I had a small bump below my knee, something which I had not noticed till now. The nurse asked me about it and when I said I had no idea about it, she asked me to get it checked. She was nice and did not insist that I get it checked there itself. I went ahead and got it checked, and it turned out to be a small sac filled with fluid, which might have happened after a car accident that I was involved in.

I am not sure if any other nurse would have even taken the time to note these things. Thanks to the wonderful team!!! All of you would be in my prayers.


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CCH in Luverne, AL is a great hospital! The staff, nurses, doctors are very friendly and caring! I had been to this hospital twice or thrice at different periods, and each time I saw the same calm and composed behavior of the medical team as well as the lovely smile of the front desk.


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A very efficient team mans CCH in Luverne. I had once visited this place, I think around six or seven months back after being involved in a ten-car pile-up. I was taken to the CCH and thank God for that. I was having a panic attack and was unable to breathe, but the on-call doctor calmed me down and did a quick check-up and somewhat apologetically asked me if I can wait for some time before being triaged as they were running short of staff. I was okay and told them that I would wait for some time, and if things are okay with me, I would like to go home.

During my waiting time, I walked up to the cafeteria to order something to eat and noticed that the halls were clean and the cafeteria food was also good. The only thing lacking at CCH, if you ask me, was adequate staff…if it is a normal time then the hospital team can manage, but if they are in an emergency, they would be terribly short of staff, and it could lead to bad things.

This was the story about six or seven months ago, and I am sure that they would have added new staff, if not then they need to do so.


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I had gone to Crenshaw Community Hospital for getting a PICC inserted. I received absolutely no help during my time at the hospital. The doctor was very rude to me and was asking many unrelated questions. I had to wait for an eternity to get PICC inserted. During my wait, I saw counters were not clean, and one of the counters even had coagulated blood on it. The floors were also filthy, and there were specks of blood on the floor of the room where I was waiting. I was happy that I was not getting treated here, lest would have ended up with some sort of super infection.


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I had met with a bike accident and had to undergo surgery to rectify my hip and my right leg. While the surgery itself was uneventful, my postoperative recovery was not going as per plan despite my best efforts. Sensing that I was having trouble in recouping, the PT team changed the treatment method and besides physical therapy also asked to start thinking positively and plan for my future, etc., basically a pep talk. It worked wonders, and I slowly started regaining the movement of my leg as well as the hip and one year after the accident, I was ready to drive my bike again. Thanks, CCH for everything!!!


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I had a scheduled appointment with my internist, but the doctor was late for the appointment. I waited for nearly 30 minutes before he came. If this were the first time, then it would have been okay, but this has been happening on a frequent basis. I think they need to get more people in for treating the patients.


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The Crenshaw Community Hospital is the worst hospital I have ever visited. The nurses were grumpy, and the on-call doctor was too busy to attend his patients. The only people who seemed very friendly to me were the people sitting at the front desk. The others did not have any compassion at all. I really feel sorry for the wonderful people residing in Crenshaw County. I had visited the hospital for an ultrasound scan, maybe a year ago. They said they did not have it. When I expressed my surprise, the staff told they had it, but there were some issues with it, so they were not using it…Now I am not sure what the truth is, but if a hospital like CCH cannot maintain its equipment, then I do not think I would be seeking care here anytime soon.


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I have seen many comments on various forums that say the doctors were least bothered about their patients etc., but my experience at CCH was completely different. Not only the staff was caring and compassionate, but the doctors were also thorough and caring enough! Yes, there may be one or two rotten apples, but that does not mean that the entire hospital is bad and all doctors are bad and uncaring.


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My father had gone to CCH a few days back after developing a cold and a slight increase in temperature. Since I was in California and unable to take a return flight quickly, I asked him to go to CCH. I called up the front desk and fixed an appointment and told them my problem. The front desk was helpful, and the staff and the doctor was also very caring and made him feel easy. They took good care of him. Thanks, CCH, for taking good care of my father.


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My son had severe panic attacks, and the doctors had diagnosed him with GAD. I was asked to get in touch with the psych team at CCH. I was hesitant at first because I did not want to admit my son to any facility. Very hesitantly, we went for our appointment. The team out there very quickly put us at ease, and the counselors took good care of my son. He was asked to attend a few sessions and thanks to the wonderful team, he is now fighting back and has started smiling more.


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Visited CCH for getting treatment for terrible back pain. The doctor checked and diagnosed me with a severe back spasm, and asked me to undergo some physical therapy. Not wanting to go to some other place and run behind two different hospitals, I ended up getting PT at CCH itself. They took good care of me, and I was up and running in no time.


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I had gone to CCH with a relative for a regular checkup. While she was undergoing her checkup, I wandered off to the cafeteria. It was a decent cafeteria, but the food was surprisingly affordable and good. I ate to my heart’s content and then brought down my relative who also had her fill.

So, I may not be able to tell about the doctors and other staff at the hospital; I can definitely say the food at the cafeteria is something to die for.