About Us

PatientsCommunity.org is primarily a community website engaged in providing data about Hospital Complications and empowering patients be better informed about diseases and care providers.

The Team

Dr. Kimberly Langdon M. D.

Dr. Kimberly Langdon M. D. Dr Kimberly Langdon is a University-trained Physician (OB/GYN) with 2 decades of clinical experience and has delivered over 2000 babies to Central Ohio Mothers.

In her practice she has performed scores of minimally invasive gynecologic surgeries including ThermaChoice uterine ablation and NovaSure for excessive menstrual bleeding, IUDs, hysteroscopies, Vaser Liposelection, ultrasounds, and consulted on many complicated gynecologic conditions.

She works closely with the staff at patientscommunity.org to maintain the quality & veracity of information by fact checking, editing and reviewing all the medical articles here. She also helps with the design and implementation of the core hospital ratings feature.

Vijay J Nair

Vijay NairVijay started his career as an Engineer focused on developing software pipelines and Computerized Human Skeletal Rigging Systems. He later traversed to building and driving community oriented websites on health and nutrition. To further this, he acquired Diplomas in Pharmacy & Nutrition and also worked with a research scientist to summarize and document cancer studies & trials.

Adept at developing complex websites and organizing and documenting health related research information. Determined to build patientscommunity.org into a trusted and useful resource for patients.

Dr. Pallavi Pathak

Dr. Pallavi PathakDr. Pallavi Pathak has a Ph.D in Clinical Nutrition from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. Her research area includes non communicable diseases, their correlation and risk factors.

Her research on the role of indigenous plants in management of Diabetes Mellitus was well received by her peers. She possesses deep knowledge of nutritional and dietary requirements of patients and has been working as a nutrition consultant for many years.

Her articles on health and nutrition research have been featured in the top newspapers and magazines. Besides her work, she is an avid reader. She is a budding painter, singer, a fitness junkey and loves to spend most of her free time with her family.

Caitlin Goodwin

Dr. Trushna BhattCaitlin Goodwin has more than a decade of experience as a Registered Nurse including 5 years as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and is a Certified Nurse-Midwife. She has nursing experience in obstetrics, labor & delivery, postpartum, pediatrics, pulmonary care, ICU step-down among others.

She has extensive experience editing and reviewing nursing manuscripts and textbooks. As a consultant writer at patientscommunity.org, she helps write and review articles on health and wellness.

Dr. Trushna Bhatt

Dr. Trushna Bhatt Dr. Trushna Bhatt is a PhD researcher in Food and Nutrition with more than 8 years of experience in the field of health and nutrition. She also holds a Hospital Administration Certification from the M.S.University of Vadodara. She has 6 research publications in esteemed scientific journals to her credit.

Her experience in evaluating nutrition studies and health research and segregating the key factual outcomes has been a valuable driving force.

Deepak Warrier

Deepak Warrier Deepak has more than 14+ years of experience in Medical Transcription and has good expertise in fact checking and presenting medical and health related information.

He has rich experience in handling files prominently related to cardiology, psychology, and general medicine. Deepak utilizes his knowledge to do detailed research on various health topics and assist in creating articles that are insightful and easy to understand.