Have you faced a situation where you have slaved hard but do not see any benefits? This is a common situation people face when it comes to treating hypertension. We change our diet, slog hard, and when we check our blood pressure, it is still up there.

A small handheld device called Zona Plus could help. It is a software-controlled device that uses isometric science to aid in an overall improvement of cardiovascular health. The device uses uniquely-calibrated algorithms that help in determining the perfect handgrip that can help in getting the most out of the exercise.

Originating from a Greek word “isos” meaning equal and “metria” meaning measure, isometric exercise involves static muscular contractions without visibly moving the angle of the joint.
Some examples of isometric exercises are high plank, self-arm wrestling, prayer pose, low squat, and forearm plank among others.

Zona Plus

Zona Plus is an FDA registered isometric handgrip device. Zona Plus uses algorithms for determining the perfect grip exercise for its user. According to the manufacturer, Zona Plus has been found beneficial in about 9 out of 10 users.

The manufacturers claim that exercising on Zona Plus for 12 minutes for five days is enough to see visible cardiovascular benefits. That said, one has to be consistent with this exercise over a period to see sustained benefits

How Does it Work

There are four steps involved in using a Zona Plus. These are discussed below:

Step One

Charge the Zona Plus device fully before starting. Once you make yourself comfortable, hold the device loosely in the right hand, and press the on/off button

Step Two

When prompted, you need to squeeze the device very hard till it displays a “STOP” sign. Repeat the process five seconds later with the left hand.

Step Three

Grip the device in the right hand and then squeeze it hard enough until it shows the “HOLD” sign on display. The device has both audio and visual cues to help in maintaining the optimal range.

The device alerts you after 2 minutes. Loosen the grip and rest for a minute. Change the hands and follow the same process, ensuring to keep the grip in the “HOLD” range. Give your hand rest for a minute.

Step Four

Repeat the process with both hands for two minutes each. The therapy is completed when the device displays a score. A score of 80 or more means the therapy session was successful.

Clinical Trails

A six-week study was conducted to determine the efficacy of Zona Plus. The study revealed that there was a decrease of nearly 13 points in systolic blood pressure. The mean blood pressure fell from highs of 146 mm Hg to 133 mm HG, well below the international standards of hypertension – 140 mm Hg.

There was also a decrease in oxygen-induced radicals (exercise-induced) and increased levels of resting oxidized glutathione in hypertensive adults.

Dr. Elizabeth Jackson conducted a study for the University of Michigan. In this study, the participants used Zona Plus for 12 minutes a day for eight weeks ( 4 sessions of 2 minutes of exercise and 1 minute of rest, five days a week). After eight weeks, the participants noted an average decrease of nearly 8 points in the systolic blood pressure.

Use of RESPeRATE (a guided-breathing device) along with Zona Plus for an additional eight weeks helped in improving the numbers further.

Is it Beneficial?

If you go by the words of the company, then yes, Zona Plus is very beneficial and has a very high success rate. However, there are no reliable, independent controlled group trials and studies that can vouch for the success of the product.

Till the time the results come out, one can use Zona Plus as another aid in the exercise regimen aimed at controlling the blood pressure. Given the ease with which it can use, it does not surprise why the device is so popular.