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One of the essential factors in a well-proportioned body is the size as well as the shape of buttocks.

Under a trained cosmetic surgeon, you can achieve a fuller as well as rounder contour. One of the procedures that is becoming popular in recent times is the Brazilian butt lift surgery. Want to learn more, continue reading.

What's Brazilian butt-lift?

A Brazilian butt-lift is a specialized procedure that helps in augmenting the size and shape of buttocks without using any implants.

A Brazilian butt-lift procedure addresses genetic imbalances related to fat distribution by reshaping both the buttocks as well as the surrounding areas.

The doctor will take fat from areas such as thighs, hips, lower back, abdomen etc. and strategically inject this fat into the problem areas.

Brazilian Butt-lift and Buttock Implants

One of the significant advantages of getting a Brazilian butt-lift is the avoidance of implants. Under a qualified cosmetic surgeon, you can get a good looking butt.

This may not be suitable for you if you are leaner and do not have enough fat to harvest. In such cases, the buttock implant is the last resort for achieving fuller buttocks.

The Procedure

This procedure involves fat grafting and is known for its more natural results.

Typically done under anesthesia, the cosmetic surgeon might use a local anesthetic if the volume of fat to be grafted is very less. You can ask for some antiemetics if you have issues with anesthesia.

The surgeon then removes the fat from a pre-determined area such as thighs, stomach, hips, among others.

In a liposuction procedure, the surgeon makes skin incisions and utilizes a tube for removing fat from the pre-marked area. The fat which has been removed is purified and gets prepared to be injected into your buttocks.

Your cosmetic surgeon then finishes the procedure by injecting the fat into your buttocks to provide you with a well-rounded and fuller buttock. You will end up getting a few incisions on your buttocks for the transfer.

Both incision sites (liposuction and fat transfer) are then stitched up. A compression garment is then applied to minimize bleeding risks.

Benefits of a Brazilian Butt-lift Surgery

Some of the benefits of this procedure include:

A fuller and rounder look

A Brazilian butt-lift is much different from other types of buttock surgery. It helps in giving a fuller and rounder look to your backside.

Takes care of shapelessness and sagging

This type of surgery also helps in addressing issues such as the shapelessness and sagging that happens with age.

Reduced risk of infections

A significant benefit of a Brazilian butt-lift procedure is considerably lower infection risk compared to say a silicone buttock implants. Brazilian butt-lift has a better safety profile compared to substances used in other procedures.

Address figure imbalances

A Brazilian butt-lift procedure will help in addressing any figure imbalances that you might have. A figure imbalance makes wearing well-fitting clothes a tricky affair.

Certain Things to Consider

A Brazilian butt-lift procedure may be an excellent way to addressing your figure issues, but there are certain things that one has to keep in mind when it comes to this procedure.

Common side effects

Some of the common side effects of Brazilian butt lifts include:
  • Scarring
  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Skin loss due to an untreated infection
  • Formation of lumps in areas where the fat was harvested and injected

Serious side effects

One of the more severe side effects with Brazilian butt-lift procedure is fat embolism. The fatality rate of a Brazilian butt lift is 1 in every 3000 procedures.

If an untrained surgeon performs the procedure, then the chances of infection are more. The infected fat might enter large veins present in the buttock, and travel to the lungs, resulting in respiratory distress and death.

Another major side effect of a Brazilian butt-lift procedure is the failure of the body to accept the new fat store. The body might break down these fat stores and absorb it. This might result in you requiring more than one procedure.

Recovery and Outlook

Like any other cosmetic surgery, one has to take special care after undergoing a Brazilian butt lift. You will have difficulty in sitting on your buttocks for a week or two.

You might require sleeping on your stomach or sides to reduce the pressure on your buttocks and ensure proper healing. It might also take several weeks to months to completely recover from the surgery.

You might also end up getting more than one procedure to get that desired look. The most important thing to remember after you have undergone the procedure is to ensure that there is no weight fluctuation.

In Conclusion

A Brazilian butt-lift is a highly rewarding procedure if performed by a trained and highly qualified cosmetic surgeon. Check with your doctor if you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.
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