Does External Prostate Massage Help Treat Premature Ejaculation?

A man ejaculates within five minutes of intercourse. However, few tend to ejaculate even quicker. They are said to suffer from a condition called premature ejaculation (PE).


Premature Ejaculation (PE)

A man is said to have premature ejaculation when he ejaculates sooner than his liking during sex.

PE is a common complaint and even though estimates may vary, 1 in every 3 men do suffer from PE at some point in time. Technically speaking, a man is said to suffer from PE if he fulfills the following three conditions:
  • Frequently ejaculates within a minute of penetration
  • Cannot delay ejaculation during intercourse almost all the time
  • Feel frustrated and depressed, and tend to avoid physical intimacy
Biological and psychological factors can cause PE. Even though men are embarrassed about it, there is help at hand. Medications, different sexual techniques that can delay ejaculation, and counseling can play a significant role in improving the quality of sex.

External Prostate Massage

The latest entrant into the crowd of different treatment techniques for PE is prostate massage. Prostate massage works on the following two principles:

1. Prostate Milking

When semen reservoirs become full, the body feels the urge to get rid of the excess semen, just like the urge to pee. Prostate milking helps in the release of excess semen that can help in releasing the tension and making you less horny.

2. Gives the pelvic muscles a good workout

Stronger pubococcygeal (PC) muscles – muscles present in your pelvic floor – allows you to have better control over your orgasm.

Squeezing these muscles when you feel you are about to come, helps in controlling the ejaculation. Prostate massage with devices like Aneros help in strengthening the PC muscles. This can theoretically help in addressing premature ejaculation.

Alternative Arousal Pathway

Prostate massages help in focusing on an alternative arousal pathway.

As you become accustomed to getting Super O’s, you start becoming more aware of your body, achieving better PC muscle tone, and have greater sensual awareness.

Prostate massagers also help in facilitating Male-G-spot orgasms. As you gain mastery over these orgasms, with the help of prostate massage, you start controlling the erotic energy present in your body in a much better way.

Prostate massage also helps a person in having a prostate orgasm, where you leak a little, but get very powerful orgasms.

Getting super orgasms from prostate massage without any ejaculation can change your life. Since there is no ejaculation, your body is not flooded with prolactin which can turn of sexual desire. This means that you can have multiple orgasms for hours.

The Takeaway

While prostate massage is very beneficial for PE, there is not much in the way of scientific backing to say this is the best option for PE.

Using prostate massage, along with other tried and tested methods of treating primary ejaculation, will help you have a quality sex life.
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