A fragrant evergreen herb, and native to the Mediterranean, rosemary belongs to the Lamiaceae family, which also consists of herbs such as lavender, basil, thyme, and oregano.

Primarily used as a culinary condiment, it also finds use as a bodily perfume, and is also known for its health benefits. Rosemary is known to be an excellent storehouse of vitamins and minerals like vitamin B6, calcium, and iron.

Medicinal Properties

Since time immemorial, rosemary has been hailed for the medicinal properties. The use of rosemary helps in improving digestion, preventing brain aging, providing neurological protection, treatment of cancer, hair growth, and alleviate muscle pain.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. Rosemary is also known to enhance memory. Some stories mention that ancient Greek students wore rosemary garlands during exams.

Does Rosemary Help in Memory Enhancement?

Probably yes.

A recently published study in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, states that drinking No.1 Rosemary Water (a concentrated drink made of rosemary extract, spring water without additives), boost memory and cognitive performance by about 15%.

Conducted by Dr. Mark Moss from Northumbria University, this study is the first published article that speaks about the benefits of having rosemary extract.

This research builds on earlier trials done by Dr. Moss that showed how rosemary aroma helped in enhancing memory function.

Key Findings of the Study

Dr. Moss and his team conducted numerous tests that measured cognitive performance with particular emphasis on memory.

The tests aimed at assessing the capability of the test participants to retain as well as manipulate information. A series of tests were conducted, where improvement in memory and recall was noticed in the group that drank No1 Rosemary Water.

The participants in this group were also able to complete cognitive tasks assigned to them.

Each test participant in the experiment was given concentrated No1 Rosemary Water shots (250 ml).

About 20 to 30 minutes after ingesting it, the participants performed various tasks while the scientists measured the brain blood flow to determine the efficiency with which the body used its energy resources in comparison to the control group.

Significant Points of the study

Improvement in working memory tasks. In comparison to the placebo group, participants who took concentrated drink had a 15% improvement while doing given memory tasks.

This study shows that rosemary does indeed have the potential of enhancing specific memory-based cognitive functioning.

It improved brain blood flow. The experimental group showed increased deoxygenated blood levels in the brain in comparison to the placebo group.

This is the first study that shows concrete evidence of rosemary providing cerebrovascular benefit.

The Bottom Line

According to Dr. Moss, this study is an addition to various studies that were conducted to prove that rosemary does have a lot to offer when it comes to health – right from antitumorigenic to antimicrobial and antioxidant to hepatoprotective activity.

The team believes that the presence of rosmarinic acid and 1,8-cineole, present in No1 Rosemary Water, might be playing a significant role in enhancing cognitive performance. The team believes that ingesting shots of No1 Rosemary Water can act as a booster dose for the brain.

No1 Rosemary Water is manufactured using a combination of secret and unique extraction processes. The company uses fresh rosemary which is cold brewed to make sure that active compounds that are present in the plant are extracted.

Do note that it’s not rosemary essence or rosemary flavor.