It is 11:00 AM, and you are already tired and drudgingly look at the clock. Still, so many hours to go. You decide to go for something that will give you a quick booster shot. Your best options – coffee, candy bars, or even energy drinks.

While these do give you a quick energy boost, but the after-effects are terrible. Once the effect wears off, you will feel more drained and more tired. So what to do?

Here are a few things that one can do to improve energy and maintain it without any draining after effects.

1. Have Some Food

Food is the fuel that runs the body. Without eating, we can quickly lose our energy and get fatigued even before the day has started.

Take time and eat that breakfast. Breakfast is essential as it provides the first meal to your body after several hours. But eating breakfast does not mean grabbing anything you like and eating it.

Eat food with a low glycemic index can help in dealing with the lag, which happens after taking food rich in sugar or refined starch.

Whole grains, fiber-rich food like oatmeal, fruits, and vegetables, healthy oils like olive oils, and nuts have a low glycemic index and keep you full for a more extended period.

Make sure you right how you require and not binge just because it is healthy. Anything in excess is certainly not good for you.

2. Stretch Yourself

Exercise regularly. It is a natural energy booster. Exercise helps in oxygen-rich blood coursing through different vital organs such as heart, brain, etc.

Squeeze some time in your day for exercise, even 10 minutes of brisk exercise is enough. Also, doing yoga has been found beneficial in boosting and maintaining energy.

Still, feeling fatigued? Get up from your chair, walk around, stretch that body of your and see how quickly it perks you up.

3. Drink Water

One of the common causes of feeling fatigued and drained is dehydration. One does not need to follow that “eight glasses in a day” in its strictest sense.

Drink enough water to ensure that the body is well hydrated. You are well hydrated if the urine is light-colored, and you do not feel thirsty.

Next time, if you feel you are losing your energy, reach that water cooler and grab a glass of water. Besides refreshing yourself, the little walk can also help you.

4. View Some Pleasant Scenery

Stress and mood have a major role to play when it comes to our energy levels. Research has shown that the environment plays a huge role in both stress and mood.

Sitting in the chair for long hours can make people lazy and fatigued. Take a minute or two to view beautiful views. It will instantly pep you up.

Viewing pleasant scenery causes your brain to release hormones that will not only enhance your mood but also boost the immune system, which indirectly can improve the way you feel.

Take a 5- to 10-minute break to gaze out of your window. Watch people moving or appreciate that tree or a shrub and the birds and other beautiful creatures that hover around it. Or else, gaze at the clouds.

Work in a city with no beautiful scenery, look at beautiful images like a pretty sunset, gorgeous scenery or a tropical beach!


5. Sing a Song

Singing gives an emotional high while reducing stress hormone levels in the body. Singing requires breath control. Singing a song will help in extra oxygen being pumped into your body, which will make you energized.

So go ahead, sing your fav song. Do take care that your singing does not disturb others.

6. Munch Some Nuts or Have a Chocolate

Feeling very down and not in a mood to do anything? Just grab a few pieces of peanuts or almonds.

Peanuts and almonds are rich in folate (folic acid) and magnesium. These are vital for cell production and energy. Lack of these essential nutrients can make you feel weary.

Do not have these nuts nearby? Then grab chocolate. It also helps in perking you up due to the presence of flavonoids. Besides improving the mood, it also improves cognitive skills. Need any more reason?

7. Take Deep Breaths

Taking a few deep breaths helps in pumping oxygen-rich blood, which helps in boosting the energy and keeping you peppy the whole day.

8. Sugar-free Drinks

Having a sugary drink is the last thing you should do for perking you up. Sugary drinks can force you to crash as soon as the effect wears off. Even caffeine does the same.

Have a sugar-free drink in case you want to have a drink but something more than a glass of water.

9. Laugh Out

Laughter has been proved to be one of the greatest stress busters. But recent studies have shown that having a hearty laugh can help in improving energy levels.

So go ahead, spend some time, and have a good hearty laugh.

10. Hang Out With Happy People

Emotions are contagious. People who are filled with negative thoughts can drain you out and leave you sad and in a foul mood.

Surround yourself with people who are happy and always positive. Spend some time with them - have a light talk, or share a laugh. It will not only instantly perk you up, but will also make you more positive in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Following the above methods will not only perk you up instantly but also keep you healthy and happy over a period.